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Completing Your 23137 Assessment

For your work to be marked – Complete your “Student Declaration” with your “Student Number” on the front page of each Assessment and the Declaration page. You can use a digital signature or type your name.

Once you have completed the questions then email them direct to assessments@tafe.ac.nz as a pdf file. I will endeavour to mark it and email you the result within 5 working days.

During the Unit 23137 practical face to face assessment you the student must complete a Sale and Purchase agreement as a Salesperson.

To help you with this we have a 1/2 hour long video demonstration and completed Sale & Purchase Agreement that demonstrates best practice.

This will assist you when studying for the assessment. We suggest you watch this video and practice completing the S & P Agreement at least 5 times.

There is a Sale & Purchase Agreement filled out correctly and a blank Sale & Purchase Agreement. 

Send in your questions once you have completed them.

23137 TAFE Learner Guide V6

23137 Overseas Investment PDF

23137 NZ Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide

23137 In-house Complaints Dispute Procedures

23137 Sample Blank 11th edition S&P Agreement

23137 LA – Useful Clauses – 2020

23137 LA – TAFE Property Description 77 Riverside Drive

23137 LA – Title 77 Riverside Drive

23137 Sample completed 11th edition S&P Agreement

23137 Video

23137 TAFE Learner Assessment V6 1.0